Hey guys, well its a new year and an amazing new start for us Ninja's working hard to bring you the best site on the PLANET!

We're happy to kickstart #1 EvoNinja newsletter this lovely sunday by bringing you some offers and updates about the crazy fifa world and our 'evo'lving site!

Free Fifacoins!!

Yes that's right! Use code AUCTIONS to get 10% off your next order to get a lovely discount promoting Player Auctions, it will only work on this so don't try with account filling (comfort trading). Were hoping to phase out comfort trading in the near future but need you guys to use auctions instead, you'll prefer it once you get going.

ALSO if you leave a REVIEW you get ninjapoints for FREE to knock more off future orders! Click here to see xb1 for example of auctions: link

Comfort Trade news

Remember the start of Fifa 16, EA clearly highlighted their new ban process Comfort Trading is risky as most sites use bots to log into your account to automatically fill up your account and EA class this as botting therefore will ban your account! Click: link

If you read the ban process you can clearly see they are not only fully aware of this but also they will ban you from ALL ea games. Now we actually have staff who do this manually taking great care to take preventative measure to reduce any chances of getting bans as we care, well were Ninja's for a reason!

Comfort Trade killer and new Anti-ban player auction method Remember the good old times of listing one card to get your coins, no passing your personal information to sites, no risks of getting BANNED by sites using auto comfort trading, no fuss??? Hmmm, but now there are a bunch of problems such as:

  • Price ranges - there are caps so we don't know what players to use
  • Value of cards lost - if by chance we find a useful card to use then we lose the value of the card!
  • Player recommendations - Using cards could be great, but which ones??
  • Don't get coins paid for! - Each time we order 500k for example we don't actually get it maybe 50% if lucky!

......were proud to announce that we have introduced the INDUSTRY LEADING player auctions system that not only recommends you the players you need to use but also even VALUES your card and discounts it off the price!! Here are the benefits:

  • Worlds only ANTI BAN method - We added a p2p system where REAL GAMERS supply you your coins, it may mean were not instant like last year but its a whole lot safer and doesn't break any EA T&C like all the other sites using comfort trading
  • We recommend you the players to use, no wasting time anymore!
  • We buy the card supplied and discount off your total price!!!
  • Oh.....we nearly forgot, you also get LOYALTY ninja points that discount off future orders!  Works out to be 5% each time.
  • Further discounts if you leave us a REVIEW!


Sell your accounts!

We are currently accepting accounts and would love you guys to supply us more so we can continue to use them to keep scanning the market for player recommendations and wonderful tech stuff we like to do! Click here and make some easy money! Just click here: link

Sell your COINS! (p2p system PAID WITHIN 15 minutes!!!)

With our INDUSTRY LEADING new systems in place we really need your support and coins to fulfil orders as were trying to make things as organic as possible and encourage p2p, it might take some time but we do ensure that we will step in within 50 minutes if someone hasn't already supplied you your coins. Being the only system that doesn't break any T&C means a little sacrifice in order times but im sure you will be happier knowing that your coins are likely to be coming from another gamer just like you instead of some dodgy chinese coin production factory delivering fake coins that get you insta banned!!! link

You also get paid withing 15 minutes (ninjas hey!!) as we have automated this system, we pay on Skrill or Paypal, 100% success rate on skrill but paypal is a little more tricky as your account needs to have accept money automatically ticked and in good standing order or it will need to be manually sent which can cause some delays, so far its working GREAT!!!

Future devlopments

Were looking to make it so that when you click on the recommended players you can see how many cards are on the market, might be cool to know and a bunch of other cool things see keep watch!

New sites! We have a pack site were close to releasing....if we had more ninjas it would have been out a long time ago but we have focused on what is more important and that's your account security and developing the only safe coin buying system available! We will also be looking to add back paypal soon, its too open to fraud so for now we have shelved it but we will come up with something soon.

Also we will be making new games available and because so many people love our brand we will soon be adding merchandise too so watch this space!


Were on the lookout for:

SEO Ninja
Front end Ninja
Blogger/marketing manager/writers

if any of this takes your fancy please get in touch, were looking for people ideally graduated or studying still.

LASTLY THANKS!!! Without your support we wouldn't be here today sitting here as the No1 UK site for fifa coins, cheers guys....keep checking twitter we will announce a giveaway shortly!